Jenny Tanis Counseling & Yoga provides comprehensive counseling and yoga services, addressing the whole person and empowering you to become your best you.



If we're honest with ourselves, life is messy. Sometimes the gift of counseling is exactly what we need to navigate our way through. Here, you are the expert of your life. I merely facilitate your counseling journey, as you seek and achieve success as you define it. Read more to see how you can get started with counseling services.  



The practice of yoga is a great form of physical activity, but it can also be so much more. Whether you are looking for a great work out, are seeking to remedy a physical or emotional ailment, or desire to find authentic community, yoga may be exactly what you are looking for. Head over to my yoga page for more details.



I am a social worker by heart and by trade. I intentionally seek to create spaces in which people feel noticed, valued, and successful. My mission is to offer you a platform of services in which you can get exactly what you need to be your favorite version of yourself. Read more about me, my training and experience here.